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The Claremont Colleges are 7 uniquely different institutions nestled within a 546-acre neighborhood in the stunning foothills of eastern Los Angeles County. Each of these leading colleges and universities boasts distinct academic departments, research centers, institutes, cultural opportunities, and recreational and gathering spaces. In 2020-21, the Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences established the Oasis Residential Space. Within this space, research scientists, trustees, life science industry pioneers, academics, alumni, and graduate students come together to educate, learn, and celebrate innovation.

The institution wanted to bring more life to campus, highlight the student body's energy for innovation, and strengthen its mission of enriching society with breakthrough approaches to education and translational research in the life sciences. Through a combination of art and science, we have done exactly that. As you will see in the photos featured above, the piece includes a range of vibrant colors, abstract scientific symbols, DNA helicases, blood platelets, nature designs from the local surrounding area, and many other hidden details highlighting the vivacity, scientific passions, and creative spirit of the 2021 graduating class. I’m proud to have been selected to craft a 10ft x 13ft custom one-of-a-kind indoor wall mural to celebrate the undeniable dynamic between art and science in the Oasis Residential space. 


This biotech art installation was for OnSite Waste Technologies, an innovative company revolutionizing the medical waste disposal industry. Their process converts medical waste (such as covid vaccines, diabetes products, glass vials, etc) into sterilized sustainably-friendly medical bricks for disposal. Each medical brick was photographed across many angles and then printed into custom 9"x3" stickers to resemble the real size and color scheme of each brick's natural form. These stickers were then overlayed in a systematic fashion, glossed, painted, and then protected with a light enamel. Depicted in the center is the company's 2021 slogan: "Right Here, Right Now." This work of art is located in OnSite's corporate headquarters based in Newport Beach, CA.


The name of this installation is “Koi Pond”. At a distance, the 60” x 60” installation resembles brightly colored fish swimming in a vast body of water. Up close, you will see intricate details including thousands of drugs and needles overlapping in the form of large custom stickers. 100% of proceeds of this art piece are donated to help fund groundbreaking cancer research grants and cancer patients during a time of profound need.


These days AM Studio is painting more than just canvas. In fact, we recently brought our unique perspective and energetic composition to the walls of Accenture / WeWork in their new state-of-the-art Innovation & Experience Center based in the Los Angeles Arts District. This AM Studio indoor sustainability mural (featured below) spans 12ft by 20ft. It also has three matching pillars that are 4ft x 20ft each and say "imagine", "create" and "innovate" with a similar modern and bright pattern.


The DTLA Arts District contemporary space embraces the creative and interactive ambiance that is shaping the growing downtown LA community. In the AM Studio Sustainability mural below, the pops of yellow reflect the bright California sunbeams and buzzing energy of morning commuters crossing the 405. Bright blues and turquoise lay a sturdy foundation for the movement of the vast ocean that cradles the Los Angeles community. Dark green leaves pop, alongside a combination of bright lines, playful dark blue water scribbles, nature textures, and other washes of bright color.  The emotional interpretation of space in a visual language lets subtle nuances of overlooked moments in time take root. While the installations key focus is sustainability, the building's wide variety of visitors - from industry executives, to design thinking practitioners, to engineers -  create their own interpretation of the space. Make sure to stop by Accenture Arts District to see it for yourself. 



This expansive, 8 ft x 14ft outdoor mural was created for Development House, a prominent investment management company, in Silver Lake, California. The commissioned piece was inspired by the landscape and winding drives around the Silver Lake Reservoir and the hills surrounding it. Perhaps more than any other neighborhood of comparable size in Los Angeles, Silver Lake has some of the best examples of LA's diverse architectural styles and creative energy. This mural not only complements the creative surrounding area, but also compliments the contemporary style of the Silver Lake home, by providing additional layers of brightness, colors, boundless energy, and movement.

At the start of this project, Development House approached me with an open mind and creative spirit. They left room for true experimentation in determining the color scheme and destiny of their outdoor area. Together, we agreed on a leaf-inspired clean and modern rendering of the painting below, and then we took action immediately. Using a simple pencil line sketch on the wall, we drafted the idea and aimed for the mural to stand out from the landscape while maintaining a visual harmony with the surrounding space. I was drawn to Silver Lake's bright sunny baby blue early morning skies, which was calming against the expansive white modern property. I crafted the composition of the mural in similar tones, as a way to lift the audience's view upwards, connecting the wall to the sky and giving a feeling of weightlessness.

While I’ve spent hundreds of hours painting both small and large-scale murals, I still greatly enjoy finding myself developing new skills and talents with each custom one-of-a-kind project. This Silver Lake mural provided the opportunity to experiment with mix with new lilac pearl medium and develop art on aluminum material for the first time. Painting on aluminum piping - which has been camouflaged in the piece below - requires an extensive preparation with vinegar and primer. It was a blast transforming the black water pipe into a unique and beautiful work of art. I find that whatever lessons arise in each project, the final large-scale paintings always look effortless and natural, as though it came to life in one sweeping movement. In reality, this project came to life over the course of 4 days and a lot of love. We hope you enjoy this custom piece of art. For more information on the Development House and their gorgeous spaces, feel free to click the link above!


Every wall, every piece, every home is different and beautiful. This outdoor mural, sized 20ft x 15ft, was created for a private property, nestled in the heart of Westlake Village, California. As a minimalist, I was immediately drawn to the large blank wall patio area that was bare and empty. We decided to brighten the space, and add more color and personality. Together, the client and I outlined a variety of options, and developed a concept which opened the space, created strong energy, and captured a range of floral images, leafs, and simple black & white butterflies. While a majority of the murals I craft are created with durable premium mural paint, the spray paint is not the medium I rely on often. So, I viewed this project as both a formal challenge and an opportunity to broaden my art vocabulary.


The morning began with a lot of pencil sketching ideas on paper, and later drawing the shapes in black and white onto the wall. These sketched images tend to be as simple as an outline of a shape, or simple directional arrows and edges. After the initial sketches, we brought the flowers to life using black spray paint and a combination or turquoise, and oranges, and purples paints. Throughout the project, it was hard to get a full view of the wall’s progress without exiting the patio area, and walking into the kitchen looking through the glass patio doors. Each flower was 3 times my body size with soft fading colors, drips, and texture. As I continued painting throughout the project, shadows from the sun and visions of nature became sources of interest for me, and I began to think about better ways to integrate the surrounding Westlake village elements into the piece. We also included a few secret little symbols that highlight elements of the client's personality and background. The highest value and fullfillment of these pieces lies in the energy we create with the space, the connections we establish with the community, and the legacy of relationships we foster with special clients along the way.


A sincere thanks to the family who commissioned this work, and for the opportunity to create art that also challenges my own expectations and process. I always appreciate clients with so much vision, support, vibrant spirt, and creative freedom.

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What else do we create besides murals? After completing a few large-scale murals this year, I was curious about how it would feel going to go back to canvas and small paper after some recent projects this large. However, I came to find that there exists several challenges and opportunties with both. In both mediums, there are new ways to create depth in flat surfaces, exciting ways to tell stories, and endless methods for bring a sense of life to a space. 

Majority of the AM Studio paintings, drawings, and designs we create are custom, one of a kind and made-to-order for each client. We conduct a brainstorming phone call, often share an art playbook, and engage in a variety of design thinking activies. Then we sketch and create. I treat the AM Studio murals as an active movement and ongoing physical activity. Conversely, my paintings are treated like one big sketchbook, capturing a variety of client visions and take on many different mediums and styles. That's exciting. I hope you enjoy these select pieces below, as much as I enjoyed crafting them for our commissions.


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lizols1, Norway
Nov 28, 2019

I am so happy with my new art piece from Alia. It was absolutely amazing :) It arrived quickly and the service was great. It is so well done and it exceeded my expectations.

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neastman1, Orange County
Nov 1, 2017

artwork came in a couple days in perfect condition :D original, one of a kind, and done with high quality materials!!! alia is the bomb and will even help you find a piece you love


sarapatel, Los Angeles
Jan 20, 2019

This piece is absolutely beautiful! It’s extremely well made by an artistic eye. I could not love the piece anymore. The shipping and communication were perfect. I knew where it was every step of the way. Highly recommend!


epyslarou, San Francisco
Feb 10, 2020

A custom piece that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Bright colors and came with a fun and special extra surprise in the box too. Already cannot wait to order another unique original.


emchandler, San Diego
Aug 23, 2019

This could not have turned out more gorgeous or more lovely!! I can tell that great care and craftsmanship was taken in creating our design and very much love seeing it's beauty in my home. Thank you so much AM studio!

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