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Scientist | Creative | Innovator | Philanthropist

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Welcome to my site! I am a creative, hardworking, and passionate leader with an extensive and diverse professional background. Throughout my life, I have developed a unique cross-functional skill set based on four key passions: art, science, philanthropy, and business. Although I balance a variety of career ambitions, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to establish numerous yearly creative initiatives that combine all my passions in the spirit of giving back. Several of these yearly passion projects range from spearheading the Academy Awards "Brain & Beauty" Art Initiative, to creating large-scale commercial charity murals, to developing a National ACS ResearcHERS Art Campaign supporting women in STEM. Additional details are listed below.


On the professional side of things, I'm a Manager at Verily (Google Life Sciences) focused on Clinical Study Innovation & Operations. Prior to Verily, I supported Accenture's Strategy & Management Consulting Practice, leading engagements across life science, healthcare, and high-tech sectors. I serve as a Board Member for the American Cancer Society (ACS) LA Central Coast, an active volunteer for BrightEdge Ventures, and a US oncology ambassador with ACS CAN. I'm also a member of the National Grant Review Peer Review Committee, serving on one of the American Cancer Society's 14 peer review grant committees, focused on evaluating Biochemistry and Immunology Grants.


I hold a Bachelor of Science (BS) from UCLA in Neuroscience and a two-year Master of Business and Science (MBS) Degree from Keck Graduate Institute (KGI). The Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree is a hybrid MBA/MSc program designed for scientists involved in entrepreneurship and the integration of business and medicine. I also completed a Law Certificate in Bioscience Industry Law and Practice at Southwestern Law School and a Certificate of Business & Financial Modeling at Wharton School of U. Penn.  For other inquiries please visit my contact page. Enjoy!​​


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My diverse, yet complimentary collection of experiences, spanning biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, digital health, and clinical evidence generation, provides me with the bedrock skills necessary to address complex business problems from a technical, creative, and business perspective.

My most recent project experiences include early-stage R&D and portfolio investment strategy, human-centered UX/IU design, go-to-market product strategy, oncology indication prioritization, forecasting, M&A, commercial business model design, organizational change management, private equity due diligence, biosimilar differentiation strategy, corporate development, clinical trial preparation, post-merger integration, and in-licensing/out-licensing support. 

I've worked for and consulted for a wide range of leading organizations, spanning several Top-20 biopharmaceutical companies, emerging manufacturers, life science and healthcare investors, high tech, private equity, medical device, clinical diagnostics, among others. Select historic clients include, but are not limited to: 



Featured to the right is a photograph of me holding a gallbladder following my first Cholecystectomy in Silchar, India at age 16. For four consecutive summers, I traveled alone, lived, and volunteered in the Sundari Mohan Seva Bhawan hospital (similar to a Doctors Without Borders Program). During this time, I assisted in the surgery room, brought medicines to indigenous tribes, and volunteered at several other institutions such as the DISHA rural mentally disabled school, Lion’s Eye Cataract Eye Camps,  the Academy for the Blind, and a local Cancer hospital. 

I'm actively involved in a range of philanthropic activities that strengthen the oncology community and empower women in STEM. As a Board Member of the American Cancer Society's LA Central Coast Area Board, our patient focus spans four major counties (Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties). There are more than 11M people residing in this territory, making it comparable to more than 40 states in the country. On a national level, I also lead US legislative efforts with ACS CAN in order to support policy for the development of oncology-focused breakthrough therapies.  One of my long-standing interests is the immuno-oncology therapeutic landscape. I put together the white paper attached below during graduate school and hope to share with a broader audience. I look forward to discussing with many of you!


My first forays into business and entrepreneurship started over a decade ago when I brought my artwork into the commercial spotlight by painting commissioned murals and serving as a live artist in the 2013 Oscars creating the art wall for the Best Picture Nominee. That year, I was awarded The Laguna Beach Festival Of The Arts Scholarship, and also worked as a Creative Director for Omics focusing on fashion-related charity campaigns. These early experiences helped shaped my ability to communicate complex and diverse subject matter for a variety of clients while employing my own brand, style, and aesthetic elements.


Since then, I've grown a professional mural and graphic design business specializing in curating unique custom installations. I have also been featured in a variety of editorials, most recently Voyage LA for "LA Artist's Most Inspiring Stories 2019." In both academic and professional settings, creative elements can range from product design thinking, brainstorming (re)branding, editing photos, creating visually appealing client-ready deliverables, and designing advertisements for target company audiences. 

Professional Leadership

  • 360 Value Award, Global Accenture Pfizer Account 2022

  • The Innovation & Excellence Award, Global Accenture BMS Account 2020

  • Accenture Ventures, Steering Committee, National Ambassador Innovation Program

  • Women’s Leadership Forum

  • 35 Under 35 Award Kappa Alpha Theta Nationals 2019

Graduate Academic

  • Class of 2019 Keck Graduate Institute Mission Award

  • Dean’s List Honors 2018-2019

  • Busenberg Endowed Fellowship Fund

  • KGI Merit Scholarship 2017-2019

  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship ​​


Undergraduate Academic

  • 2017 Bruinlife Senior of the Year Award

  • UCLA Dean’s Honors List

  • Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars 

  • Order Of Omega Greek Leadership Award 2015

  • Top 10 Graduate of Orange County To Change The World 2013 (representing 10/494k students (0.002%) within the Southern California)

Extracurricular Acknowledgements

  • SOCAP Greek Scholar 2014

  • Humans of UCLA 2014

  • Soroptimist Special Achievement Award 2014

  • Violet Richardson Award Winner 2013

  • Marge Swanson Mission Hospital Award 2013

  • Laguna Beach Business Club Entrepreneurial Scholarship 

  • Rotary Club ‘Service Above Self’ Award 2012

  • Kea Simon Medical Scholarship

  • Business Club of Laguna Beach Entrepreneurial Award




For all other inquiries,

For any other direct communications, feel free to email us directly at

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